What Are The New Features In Avast Antivirus?

Posted by Johnny, on 9:05 PM
Avast Writer

We live in a generation where there is always some insecurity present among humans. We keep our things protected and hidden from others. Reason for this is simply the uncertainty in human behavior. Some people are good but not all that’s why we hide our things. But in this process, we forget to secure our computers. In today’s world, our computer knows more than we know about ourselves. To keep all these information safe from external agents such as hackers and crackers, we need to install some sort of antivirus software in our computer. Avast is one such antivirus software. It is the most extensively used antivirus present in today’s industry. Here, in the following paragraphs Avast support has described you the new and improved features offered by this software.

At Australia, The Support Team Helps You With The Following Services:

  • Now you can save all your crucial passwords securely. Password protection feature enables you to make strong passwords and it saves the details and synchronizes your data for faster login to your accounts.
  • To protect you from spywares and key loggers, it has introduces the Safe Zone Browser facility which isolates the browsing session when you surf online shopping and banking sites.
  • It has introduced the passive mode. In this mode, you can use your other antivirus software without affecting the functioning of your PC.
  • Now you can give feedbacks and suggestions easily by just clicking a single button.
  • Avast has improved the home network security feature. Now you can protect your routers and it gives more details while sensing the vulnerabilities.
  • The setup and installation has been made easier for novice users.
  • You can now enjoy all the scanning features simultaneously by enabling the smart scan facility.
  • The cleanup facility now cleans your PC more deeply and securely.

These were just a few features that this antivirus offers. You can ask any question related to any point mentioned above. Moreover, you can query anything related to this software by contacting Avast support Canada on their toll free phone number anytime round the clock. A highly trained support team is ready to solve all your problems.

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